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Maybe you’re thinking I forgot all about your birthday. Never! Who would? For someone who brings out the best of everyone? Nah. You’re that brother everyone wishes to have. You inspire me to follow your footsteps yet you want me not to hide behind your shadows. Will I ever forget your cliché line: “Why blend in when you can stand out”? You being the best is even an understatement. Hahaha, it’s throwback time! Ain’t those pictures worth reminiscing? I know you loathe them but look at you now, haven’t changed a bit. Anyways, Happy Birthday to my one and only Brother! You’re 28 and you’re broke. Boo. I hope you enjoyed your day! See ya soon!


I love it when you kiss me downtown. (at Tiano-Gomez Streets)

I was moaning because the cat was moaning. 😻#ectasy

Damn cat. I need some space. 😾😻

Sunlight ‘till moonlight. #sports (at Don Gregorio Pelaez Sports Complex)

Being bald: No worries. 😎

I wish I could do this. Dayumm.

Mess with them or I’m going to kill you, joke. Nothing beats family. Just got home from the retreat. #blessed

Loyd? Green tea made me forget about it anyway. (at Starbucks Centrio)

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