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Hello, Finster Hall. 🏢 #ADDU (c) @jowanyep

The other picture. It sucks, right? 😓

Kay magsmile lagi nga naay teeth. 😃

Three selfies don’t hurt. Skinny af. 😄

Diecinueve 1⃣9⃣⚽️

Look how violent and aggressive this puppy is. 🐶😁

Little ball of fur! He’s the reason why I’m looking forward to go home everyday. 🐶😁

Java Chip ☕️🍫. #CAproblems (at Starbucks Ketkai)

I’m addicted to this marshmallow fluff. 🐶 QTP2T

Long time, no Instagramming. Chaos ahead. #hyperkids

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