|Veni | Vidi | Vici | Hey, I'm Lloyd. 16. Student Nurse. Animal Lover. Frustrated Pianist. Musicophilic. Hopeless Romantic.

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Got them new and fresh from the box kickers. Advance birthday present from my Mom. Awwwww.

Separated by distance. Joined by love. We love you brah!

I got my haircut. Bye-bye Meteor Garden feels. Ready for tomorrow’s duty.

The ones who made me full and cozy this summer. Bless this family! 👪❤️

Fun times with my youngest cousin. Adorable little one. 🙈👦❤️

Nature trips are the best. It makes you abnegated. 🌴❤

Euphoria on elevated lands. At one of the highest peaks in Jagna, Bohol. 👆🆙

Kalamay Capital of the Visayas. Jagna, Bohol. 🌴

This is the part of traveling wherein you mix indecisiveness and certainty. Packing for Bohol later.

Nightcaps are the best. Jollibee, you are our savior. With ma homie. (at Jollibee - Vamenta, Cagayan de Oro)

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