|Veni | Vidi | Vici | Hey, I'm Lloyd. 16. Student Nurse. Animal Lover. Frustrated Pianist. Musicophilic. Hopeless Romantic.

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I just, I just can’t. I am done with this game. #4m

Got the finest view of the two gargantuan malls. #perksonduty (at Northern Mindanao Medical Center)

Annyeong~ 🇰🇷 Got my #Soju!

#gotthatschoolvibeonme (at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan)

Donut rain on my parade. I woke up and I found this magical box.

The sky is awake and I am here doing requirements and shiz. #Nursing #MedicalWard #NMMC 😷😴

Duty days are as gloomy as the weather. (at Northern Mindanao Medical Center)

Pre-Valentine food. Ugh, I feel like I’m in cloud nine. @krispykremeph @krispykreme
(at Krispy Kreme)

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